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Will and Bertha Wedding Picture

Will and Bertha (Perryman) Nicholls
Wedding Picture
March 30, 1904


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    The Nicholls Clan    
The Nicholls Family
L to R, Aunt Mame, Will, Myreta, Doris, Marilyn (age 3), Bertha,
Norval (age 1), Dale, Wayne, and Uncle Bert
Uncle Bert was a real eatate broker in Lincoln,
Bert and Mame raised two sons, Clyde and Leonard Dorr Nicholls,
they would be our First Cousins, Once Removed, (according to Aunt Myreta)

(Picture taken, May 5, 1939 in Fairmont)
Uncle Bert and Aunt Mame Clyde, Wayne and Leonard Nicholls
Berton and Mary (Wiggins) Nicholls
(Uncle 'Bert' and Aunt 'Mame')
Proudly pose with their new Buick (1931)
The Three Cousins:  Burt and Mame's sons,
Clyde on the left, Leonard on the right, with
Uncle Wayne in the center (1915)
These pictures were submitted by Beverly (Nicholls) Manzo
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