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Dale Nicholls and his Orchestra

Dale in Fullerton


  The Dale Nicholls Orchestra   Dale
Summer, 1954
in Fullerton

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  Dale's Family Picture   All the Cousins Picture  
  The Nicholls Family
L to R, Janice, Marilyn, Doris,
Billy, Dale, Beverly
(June 1949 in California)

All the Cousins (At that Time)
L to R, Beverly, Marilyn, Curtis,
Norval, Billy, Janice
(June 1949 in California)



Dale's California Home Front View Dale and his Trombone
Dale's California Home
(Front View)

L to R: Dale, Curtis, Norval,
Billy, and Wayne

June, 1949
Dale and his trombone
Photo in the Sandy Oregon Post
July 1986
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